Self employed public liability

If you are self employed then you will know how hard you have had to work to get y o ur business of the ground and running successfully. Whether you're just beginning or spent years building up your business then the same remains you need to protect your business as far as you can. M a n y people set up contents insurance , employer's liability and all other protection to help safeguard against all eventualities , but many forget one of the most important types of insurance is public liability. You may not think that you will have members of the public entering your premises but you are highly likely to have at some point. Public liability isn't just about protecting your customers, what about trades men, your staff, colleagues , builders, contractors , and delivery people. They are all at risk of injuring themselves when in your property.

Should this happen and you don't have public liability then you are at risk. Not public liability is illegal; you cannot run your business without it. Not having this type of insurance can lead to prosecution and hefty fines. Should anyone injure themselves or worse on your property then they could end up taking you to court. They could be entitled to claim compensation, medical costs, transport costs, loss of income and all over costs that they have incurred because of the injury.

No one wants to gamble when it comes to something which they have invested time and money in. If you are self employed then it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the right insurance policies in place before you can start to relax that you have everything covered. Don't put it off until it is too late, find out how you can get the best self employed public liability insurance to suit your business.