Professional indemnity cover

If your business sells its skills or knowledge then it would benefit from the protection of professional indemnity cover. This insurance provides protection against a claim made by a client who believes that they have suffered as a result of your business. Some businesses are legally obliged by law to have this type of cover. If you are a solicitor, accountant, architect, insurance broker, financial advisor or mortgage intermediary then you must have professional indemnity cover by law.

This type of cover protects you should a client believe that you have acted dishonestly, have committed professional negligence or defamation. Having this cover will ensure that you are covered financially should a civil claim be made against you.

Any such claim may result in a court case in which if found to be liable you will be legally required to pay for the court costs, legal fees and expenses incurred by not only yourself but the person who is making this claim against you. Therefore it is essential that any one or provides advice or a service that is based upon their skills should have professional indemnity cover.

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