Office Liability insurance

If your business is run from an office and conducts all of its day to day activities solely from your office then you will need liability insurance that offers you the right level of protection that takes into account the needs of your business in the office environment. If you employ staff you will be legally obliged to have employers liability insurance as to not have this crucial liability insurance could lead to a costly fine and leave you unable to cover any financial implications should a claim ever be made against you by one of your employees.

If an employee suffers an accident or illness due to work related issues or during their workday whilst in your office building and they believe that it was your fault then they are legally entitled to pursue this claim in court. This could lead to costly expenses and result in your having to pay legal fees and expenses as well as any damages for compensation that is awarded to the employee should you be found guilty. It may be that a claim is made against you for negligence of duty of care, you may have risk a management systems in place already however having employers liability insurance allows you complete financial protection and assistance as well as ensure that you are running your business in keeping with current legal obligations.

In addition to employers liability insurance you will also need public liability insurance which is essentially similar to the afore mentioned insurance however it is solely based upon any member of the public making a claim against you rather then a member of your staff. Again, this protection will allow you assistance and advice when you need it most and could save you thousands in the long term.

At business liability insurance we offer all of your customers a completely free and unbiased search of all of the insurance providers on our panel. We will search using criteria that takes into account all of your needs and that which relates to a business that is run from an office.