Legal expenses

When a liability claim is pursued in court there are numerous legal expenses which if you are found to be guilty then you will be expected to pay.

The court costs itself will be included as will the solicitors fees for both yourself and the solicitor of the claimant. In addition to these costs you may be expected to pay a sum payment for the cost of the witness attendance allowance should a witness be called. There is also a jury service allowance, which you may be asked to pay.

If you are found to be guilty of committing the liability claim then you will also be requested to pay the claimant a compensatory award which will be determined as part of the court proceedings.

These costs can increase if the length of the duration that the court case needs to take increases, therefore it is essential that all business have liability insurance that will provide assistance with these costs. Protection in advance will provide necessary cover to help safeguard your business and finances.

The level of financial assistance that you receive will depend upon the insurance provider themselves and an agreed contract will be signed that outlines this level of cover that you will be entitled to.