Hospitality and catering liability insurance

At business liability insurance we understand that a business that forms part of the hospitality or catering industry is one that relies upon its customers in order to run successfully. Without customers there would not be a business. That's why it is crucial that any business from the hospitality and catering industry protects its assets as well as its customers by ensuring that they reduce all level of hazard that may be present a risk to a customer becoming injured whilst in their premises.

By having public liability insurance you will be safeguarding your finances. At Business liability insurance we provide a free search that comprehensively searches using criteria related to the needs an a business in your industry to find the best public liability insurance provider who is able to meet your unique needs. Our panel of the UK's top insurance providers will provide you with the level of cover you need that puts protection in place in advance of a claim being made against you.

Even you have excellent level of risk management procedures in place, an unexpected claim could cost you thousands if you are found guilty of any duty of care or negligence. Public liability offers you financial assistance and advice, therefore protecting your business.

A business that relies upon customers entering its premises is one that needs to have the level of protection that is offered by having public liability insurance.

In addition to this, if you employ any staff then you must have employers liability insurance. This is a requirement by law and you could be fined if you do not have this. As part of the duty of your staff they will no doubt be tending to the needs of your customers and this could mean rushing about trying to complete an endless list of tasks to make sure that your customers needs are met. Accidents do happen, no matter how hard you try as a business to put systems in place to avoid this happening.

If your employees work in a busy kitchen or waiting on customers then eventually you may find that an accident occurs which you did not expect, therefore this member of staff could make a claim against you seeking compensation for their injury. Having employers liability insurance is a legal requirement by law but not this; it can essentially save you thousands.