Home business insurance

Not everyone realises the importance of business insurance for those who run their businesses from their own homes. Many people find that this is a cost effective way to running a business and keep all overheads to a minimum. However many have realised all too late that insurance is a necessary financial aid in times when a claim against them is made.

If you accept customers into your home then you will need to have public liability insurance, this will protect you and your business against any claim made against you by one of your customers or any tradesmen or colleague who enters your home for business purposes.

Similarly, if you employ staff then you will also need employer's liability, which is a requirement by law. This will offer protection should a member of your staff become ill due to work related issues or suffer an injury whilst at work. Should this occur and a court case is pursued then this will offer you financial assistance with the cost of legal expenses as well as court costs. In addition you will have legal advice to help guide you through the court proceedings.

Having liability insurance will protect you business should any unforeseeable problems arise and will act as a safeguard to protect your assets.

At Business liability insurance we will use our market comparison analysis tools to provide you with a free, unbiased search of the providers of home business liability insurance, saving you time and money in the process.