Contractors Insurance

As a business that is contracted to carry out work you will need to have protection in place that covers you for any claim made against you whilst you are carrying your work. As a contractor you may find that the level of protection you need for your business is slightly different to that of a business who does not perform contracted related work.

However well you have put risk management systems into place you may not be able to fully reduce the risk if a claim being made against you. A client who you are currently working for may make a claim against you for a number of reasons such as professional negligence resulting in a court case against you. Should you be found to be guilty of this offence then you may be liable to pay damages to the claimant and the court cost for yourself and the claimant. These costs will include legal fees, court costs and damages awarded to the clamant.

You need to have in place cover that protects you in advance of this claim being made against you, this is known as a claim made basis. This will provide you with insurance protection that will offer you the financial assistance that you will need should this happen.

At business liability insurance we will carry out a search of the entire liability insurance provider who offer contractors insurance using an up to date market analysis