Commercial insurance

If you run a commercial business then you need to have the protection that comes with liability insurance. You may have in place a comprehensive risk management system however you cannot ever be ready for the claim that you have not prepared for. Unexpected claims can occur as a result of an error and should this go to court and it is ruled that the error was on your part then you may run the risk of damaging your business financially.

Whatever commercial business you run whether it is in construction, retail, and office bound business or online you will need to have liability insurance that will protect your assets and your business.

If you employ staff then as an employer you are legally obliged to have employers liability insurance, which will offer you protection, should a court case be pursued against you. You will receive financial assistance as well as legal advice and guidance.

Public liability is another insurance policy, which is essential should you allow customers or other traders or business representatives into your business premises. This protects you should a claim be made against you as a result of a member of the public becoming ill or injuring themselves whilst within your business premises.

At Business liability insurance we provide a free and totally unbiased comparison of the best liability insurance providers that best match you unique needs and the needs of your business and industry sector. We use up to date market analysis tools to search all of the providers of liability insurance on the UK market and will look for not only a policy that will meet all of your business needs but one that provides the best level of cover and at a competitive price, this allows you to save money and time.